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Androgel (testosterone gel) is an androgenic drug. Testosterone, as the main endogenic androgen, is produced by the testes. Their main metabolite is dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the development of internal and external genital organs as well as for the preservation and development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as coarsening the voice and stimulating the growth of body hair, for reducing the excretion of potassium, sodium, chloride, nitrogen from the body in urine, phosphates and water; sex drive; for and development of skeletal muscles; for the overall effect on protein anabolism. Testosterone reduces the secretion of pituitary gonadotropins and does not cause testicular development.

After the peripheral conversion of testosterone into estradiol, which then binds to estrogen receptors in the nuclei of target organ cells, testosterone acts on the brain, adipose tissue, pituitary gland, bones and other target organs.

Indications for use of Androgel

Testosterone gel is used for replacement therapy for endogenous testosterone deficiency.


Contraindications for use of Androgel

  • Breast carcinoma or suspicion of its presence
  • Prostate cancer or suspected prostate cancer
  • Hypersensitivity to testosterone or other components of the drug.

There is no experience of using Androgel in women and children. With caution, testosterone gel should be prescribed for malignant neoplasms (due to the danger of hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria), with severe cardiac, hepatic or renal failure, with ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, epilepsy, migraine

The use of Androgel during pregnancy and during breastfeeding

Androgel is not used in women. In case of pregnancy of a sexual partner, the patient needs to be more careful about the observance of precautions. Pregnant women should avoid any contact with testosterone gel due to its potential virilizing effect on the fetus. In case of contact with the drug, it is necessary to wash the place of contact with soap and water as soon as possible.

Method of administration and dose of Androgel

The recommended daily dose is 5 g of gel (i.e. 50 mg of testosterone). Androgel is used 1 time / day at about the same time of the day, preferably in the morning. The daily dose can be adjusted depending on clinical and laboratory parameters, but should not exceed 10 g of gel. Correction of the dosage regimen should be carried out in steps of 2.5 g of gel / day. To adjust the dose of the drug, it is necessary to determine the concentration of testosterone in the serum in the morning, before using the drug, from the third day after the start of treatment (within one week). The dose can be reduced if the plasma testosterone content is increased or, on the contrary, increased if the testosterone concentration is low.

Rules for the use of Androgel

Testosterone gel is applied to clean, dry, intact skin of the shoulders, forearms and / or abdomen. Do not apply the gel to the genital area, because the high content of ethyl alcohol in the preparation may cause local irritation. After opening the sachet, it is necessary to immediately apply all its contents to the skin and distribute in a thin layer. It is not necessary to rub testosterone gel into your skin. You can let it dry for at least 3-5 minutes before dressing. After applying Androgel, you should wash your hands with soap and water.

Side effects of Androgel

The most frequent undesirable effects (about 10%) when using the recommended dose of 5 g of gel / day were: skin reactions at the application site, erythema, acne, dry skin. During clinical trials of Androgel, the following undesirable effects were observed (> 1/100, <1/10):

On the part of the blood and lymphatic system: changes in the results of laboratory tests (polycythemia, changes in lipid levels).

From the genitourinary system: changes in the prostate gland, gynecomastia, mastodynia.

From the nervous system: headache, dizziness, paresthesia, amnesia, hyperesthesia, mood changes.

From the side of the cardiovascular system: increased blood pressure.

From the digestive system: diarrhea. Dermatological reactions: alopecia, urticaria. Androgel contains ethyl alcohol, so if it is frequently applied to the skin, it can cause irritation and dryness.

Overdose of Androgel

Overdose cases when using Androgel were not recorded. Described only one case of overdose after the use of testosterone injected. It was a stroke in a patient with a high plasma testosterone concentration of 114 ng / ml (395 nmol / L). However, it is unlikely that similar plasma testosterone concentrations can be achieved when testosterone gel is applied to the skin.

Special instructions

Androgel should be used only in case of testosterone deficiency, accompanied by such clinical manifestations as underdevelopment or regression of secondary sexual characteristics, changes in body structure, impaired carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, obesity, asthenia, impaired sexual function (including decreased libido, erectile dysfunction) , decreased bone mineral density, mood swings, depression, hot flashes, etc. Before starting treatment, other possible causes underlying the above symptoms must be ruled out.

Impact of Androgel on the ability to drive a car and moving machinery

Currently, there is no data on the effect of Androgel on the ability to drive a car and control machines and mechanisms.

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